Hair Touch Up

Enjoy a Hair Touch Up to Look Great

Hair can grow fast, which is why it can be difficult to maintain the look when you’re dying your hair. However, that shouldn’t stand in the way of you looking amazing. When you notice that the color has faded or your roots are starting to show, a hair touch up can be the best solution.

When you’re in Hayward, CA, you can count on a stylist at Vizions Hair Salon to help you. We specialize in color, ensuring that we can get a perfect match. Whether you’re going with a traditional color like blond or brown or infusing a fun color like blue or purple, we can work with you.


We’re excited to help you with your beauty standards. Let us help you with a hair touch up and recommend new styles for you for the next time you want to do something bold. We’d love to talk to you more about how we can help you meet your hair goals.